Free daily devotional online (2020). 7 things you can do other than reading the scriptures.

A daily devotional usually provides you with a chapter to read from the scriptures. But, there are days when you can not actually read. In that case, our free daily devotional online series will help you. 

We are providing you with things you can do (other than daily devotional with scripture reading) to spend some devotional time.  

Your reason for not reading may be lack of time, or maybe because you have read it already, too many times and you want a new way out. 

And, it is okay! Because daily devotional with scripture reading is just the simplest thing you can do to spend some devotional time. There are many other things you can do for the same. 

And, your daily devotional for today is that you can do anything that makes you feel connected to God. 

Things You Can Do As Free Daily Devotional Online Other Than Reading. 

1. Listen to the Audio Bible.

This one is for the case where you do not get time to read. 

I do this very often on my way to college, and it feels great, just as reading the scriptures. 

You can listen (to the chapter you would read) while traveling or between short breaks you have. There are many free audio bible apps online you can use for the same. 

It would be a free daily devotional online and you will have a positive time with God. 

2. Listen to Praise and Worship songs.

I love listening to praise and worship songs. There are days when you want to do something other than reading or listening to the scriptures. And, on one of those days, I love listening to songs. 

Also, praising God is very important and this is one way to do it daily. 

This one is also a free daily devotional, you can get songs on a lot of platforms for free. 

My praise and worship playlist on Spotify- Free daily devotional online (praise and worship songs)

3. Podcasts.

Podcasts are really interesting and filled with knowledge. This one is a must-do when you want to know more about everything related to God, Christ, and Holy Spirit. 

You can find these for free on various platforms. You can also use youtube to find free daily devotional online podcasts. 

free daily devotional online
Things you can do other than reading the scriptures.

4. Follow verse of the day pages. 

Follow the daily devotional verse for today’s pages on the social media platforms you use. 

Our Instagram Page for updates on Verse of the day- @togodthroughchrist (We post a whole lot of other things, as well.)

The daily devotional verse of the day is like daily messages to you from God. Think about the verses and you can spend your time trying to recall the chapter it is from.

5. Visit a Church

Visiting a Church can be very relaxing and can provide positivity and peace of mind. Visit a Church and forget about everything else and pray, thank, and talk to God. 

This one is the best thing you can do as a free daily devotional. 

6. Bible verses that you need.

You must have seen a lot of blogs posting a list of bible verses about various topics. Those are really helpful! 

Think about days when you are feeling unloved, look for bible verses about the love of God. If you want encouragement or strength or peace or want to get rid of fear, there is a list of all the feelings. Because the bible has solutions to all the situations.

free daily devotional online

7. Pray as you talk to God.

Instead of all the overthinking, you do at night or during the day, talk your worries out to God. And trust me, he listens and replies. 

You may not hear his answers then and there but you will see yourself thinking more positive. You will see the changes in yourself.  

Talk your heart out to God than to people, not that he already doesn’t know. He does, he knows all of us by our names. 

What else could be better than spending some time with God? Any of the free daily devotional online can not be better than this. 

These were 7 things you can do as free daily devotional online, other than reading the scriptures.

May you pray and connect with God daily. May your faith get stronger and may you get the strength to hold on and let God take charge.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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