The Signs Of The End Times- Decoding The 7 Series.

The end times are the days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. We have been lately seeing a lot of signs mentioned in the scriptures about the same. 

When it comes to the end times and the Book of Revelation, The number 7 is of great significance. It is based on the 7-day Sabbath cycle from the old testaments. 

The Book of Revelation is the last book of The Bible and talks about the end times and the second coming of Lord Jesus. 

This is also a summary of the book of revelation.

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The 7 Churches Of The End Times.

John (who wrote the book of revelation) saw a vision of the risen Jesus, exalted as king of the world. He was standing among seven burning lights. John is told that this is a symbol of the seven churches in Asia.

the end times- 7 churches
The 7 Churches

Jesus, in John’s vision tells him that things will get worse and the end time would be difficult.

The people of these seven churches will have to choose between compromise and faithfulness. And those, who remain faithful despite all the sufferings will be rewarded.

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The Scroll With 7 Seals.

John then has a vision of God’s thrown, where he is sitting with a scroll that is sealed with 7 seals of wax. God is among all the earthly creatures that are honoring him as one true Creator.

Now, no one can open this scroll which is about How God’s Kingdom will be established on Earth. Only the, the lamb of God (Jesus) can open the seals and the scroll.

It shows the significance of Jesus’ Resurrection. He conquered the evil and redeemed his enemies. Jesus will establish God’s Ultimate Kingdom on Earth. He therefore sits with God and is worshiped as the Redeemer.

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Now, Jesus the lamb begins to open

The 7 Seals

The first four seals symbolize Religious Deceptions, War, Famine, and Death.

The Fifth seal symbolizes the Christian Martyrs. The sixth seal shows heavenly Signs and the seventh seal contains the 7 trumpets

the end times

The sixth seal shows heavenly Signs and the seventh seal contains the 7 trumpets

Now, as the first four seals were opening, John saw 4 horsemen of different skin tones. Each one symbolized something. 

The White Horseman symbolized conquests, bowing, and crowns. The red horseman symbolized wars, swords, and killing of one another. The black one was for famines and The pale horsemen symbolized Death by epidemics and hunger.

The Fifth Seal symbolized the cries of the martyrs. And, they were told to wait and rest because more Christians are yet to die. 

The Sixth Seal showed Heavenly signs like, Earthquakes, bloody moon, dark sun, falling stars, moving mountains, and rolling up of sky, due to which people will have to hide during the end times.

With the opening of the seventh seal, there was lightning, earthquakes, and thunders. But, there was silence and prayers.

Now, The Seven Trumpets were prepared.

The Seven Trumpets

The First Four Trumpets were cosmic events and the next three were woes.

The seventh trumpet contains the seven bowls or the last seven plagues of the end times.

the end times- the 7 trumpets

With the first trumpet Hail and Fire were thrown with blood on Earth and it burned one-third of the vegetation.

The second trumpet caused to throw burning mountains and fire were thrown to sea and one-third of the seas turned bloody red. One-third of the creatures died and one-third of the ships were destroyed.

With the third trumpet, Stars fell on rivers and turned one-third of the water bitter and a lot of people died.

The fourth trumpet caused one-third of sun, stars, and moon to struck and one-third of the day to stay dark.

With all these cosmic events happening, leading us to the end times, angels shouted, WOE, WOE, WOE!

And the fifth trumpet contains the first woe, and the attack of demon locust on people who do not repent.

The sixth trumpet, the second woe released four angles that killed men that did not repent yet.

The seventh trumpet contained the third woe and the 7 bowls or the last seven plagues of the end times as in the book of revelation.

Also, with the seventh trumpet, the Kingdom of God is declared and the Judgement is called.

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The Judgement.

Then John sees a vision of final judgment.

It is symbolized by two harvests. One is a good harvest of grain as King Jesus involves gather up his faithful people to himself. The other is a harvest of wine grapes. It represents humanity’s intoxication with evil. They are taken to the wine-press and trampled.

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Jesus’ Army

Standing against evil with the king. It is the Lamb. He is with his army- the people who have given their lives to follow him.

They call everyone to repent and to worship God and to come out of Babylon that will fall. Its days are numbered.


Through all these sufferings and tribulations, people have a choice to continue to follow Jesus or move to him or to lose faith and move to the beast or continue to not repent.

 Now, the choice they make will decide their fate

Also, with the last seven plagues of the end times, the divine judgment procedure will take place.  

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The Last Seven Plagues (Bowls)

the end times- the last seven plagues

Now, after the seven plagues of the end times, as the evil is defeated among all nations, and The kingdom of God is established with all those who remained faithful.

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The Establishment of The Kingdom of God.

Now, after the seven plagues of the end times, as the evil is defeated among all nations, and The kingdom of God is established with all those who remained faithful.

Satan will be bound and there will be Kingdom of God who is Good.

Now, Jesus who shed his own blood for his enemies is now proclaiming justice.

He will hold accountable those who refuse to repent of the ways that they participate in the ruin of God’s world which is good. And, in the destructive hellfire that they’ve unleashed in God’s world justly becomes their own God-appointed destiny. 

After this, John sees a vision of Jesus’ followers who are murdered by Babylon in the end times. They are brought back to life and that they reign with the Messiah for 1,000 years. 

Then, the dragon who inspired rebellion against God goes around the nations of the world to rebel against God’s kingdom. But before God’s throne of justice, all of them face the results of eternal defeat.

And so the forces of spiritual evil and everyone who doesn’t want to participate in God’s kingdom are destroyed. They are given what they want: to exist by themselves and for themselves. And, the dragon and Babylon and everyone who chooses them are eternally quarantined, never again able to corrupt God’s new creation.

So, the most important point is clear: When Jesus returns as king he will affect evil forever and he will save those who have been faithful to him.

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These are the Signs of the end times as in the book of revelation.

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