Free daily devotional online (2020). 7 things you can do other than reading the scriptures.

free daily devotional online

A daily devotional usually provides you with a chapter to read from the scriptures. But, there are days when you can not actually read. In that case, our free daily devotional online series will help you.  We are providing you with things you can do (other than daily devotional with scripture reading) to spend some … Read more

20 Inspiring Bible Verses On Repentance And Forgiveness Of God.

bible verses about repentance and forgiveness of god

God forgives, all you have to do is realize and repent. Here are 20 bible verses on repentance and forgiveness.  For you to repent, you must realise that you have made a mistake and you regret it. Once you realise, you should try to correct it, if possible. Even if you can not correct, you … Read more

25 Bible Verses About Strength In Hard Times | He Will Lead You

bible verses about strength in hard times

The Bible has the solution to all the problems. These bible verses about strength in hard times will help you deal with anything you are going through and will give you strength.  As I always say, you go through everything for a reason and for now, you will not understand what god is doing in … Read more

26 easy bible verses for kids. A-Z

bible verses for kids

Every parent would love their child to learn the words of god. And, one way you can do it is by teaching these easy bible verses for kids along with the letters.  These bible verses for kids are not just easy for kids to learn but also easy to understand. These will help your child … Read more

25 Bible Verses On Worry And Stress

bible verses on worry and stress

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you. Continue reading for more bible verses on worry and stress that will help you be happier and less stressful. God knows you by your name, he also knows what you are going through. He knows what’s best for you and he will provide you … Read more

30 Bible Verses About Fear And Anxiety

bible verses about fear and anxiety

Fear from anything or anyone else other than the god is not right, if you trust him. These bible verses about fear and anxiety will help you deal with your fears and worries.  What is there to fear when you have god by your side? Have faith and have a healthy fear of God.  To … Read more

40 Rapture Bible Verses From kjv

the rapture bible verses

The rapture is concerned with the end times. It is the belief that the believers, both living and dead will rise up to heaven with Jesus Christ on his return.  The term is not directly mentioned in the new testament but comes from the book. Belief in the rapture depicts the belief in the second … Read more

21 Amazing Bible Verses About Equality | Everyone Is Equal |

bible verses about equality

We are all made in the image of God and all of us are children of God. We are all equal in the eyes of God and therefore we should treat each other equally. These bible verses about equality will help you know more about it.  The bible says, Love your neighbours as you love … Read more

21 bible verses about plagues in the last days (2020)

bible verses about plagues in the last days

The book of Revelation and many other books have bible verses about plagues in the last days.  The book of Revelation is all about the end times and people are starting to relate to it after all the things that are happening in 2020. The year has been challenging and the events are likely with … Read more

What does Psalm 91 tell us?

psalms 91

Psalm 91 tell us a lot of things like.  Psalm 91 tells us how God is our ever present help in trouble and how he assures us protection. (Read Psalm 91: 1-2) It tells us how God is protective, caring and comforting for all of us. (Read Psalm 1:3-4) It also tells us how we … Read more