Who/ What Is The Holy Spirits?|The 7 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit.

Who/ What Is The Holy Spirit? And, It’s 7 Gifts.

A lot of people ask Who/ What is the Holy Spirit? And the best answer we have is that the Holy Spirit is a Spirit Of God that guides us and protects us. People also ask about the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit, we will know about that in the later half of the … Read more

10 Good Friday Bible Verses

good friday bible verses

Good Friday is a significant day and these good friday bible verses are direct instances from the scriptures that tell us about the same. Good Friday is an extremely holy and special day, Jesus was crucified on a Friday and was raised after three days, which means, on Sunday. Jesus was raised and it happened … Read more

What Is Good Friday? 5 Things You Need To Know.

what is good friday

Good Friday is the ultimate reason we celebrate Easter, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ On a Sunday. What is Good Friday is a common question but the wider view is “Why” is Good Friday? A very special and Holy day, when Jesus went on the cross for us, carrying our sins. below are a few … Read more

The Signs Of The End Times- Decoding The 7 Series.

the second coming

The end times are the days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. We have been lately seeing a lot of signs mentioned in the scriptures about the same.  When it comes to the end times and the Book of Revelation, The number 7 is of great significance. It is based on the 7-day Sabbath … Read more

Is The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Is In 2020? (Amazing FAQS)

the second coming

After all that has already happened, The second coming of Jesus Christ is the most important event that is about to take place any time soon.  His return will be glorious, we wait and pray for it.  There are many questions about the second coming of Jesus and you will find the answers in the … Read more