40 Rapture Bible Verses From kjv

the rapture bible verses

The rapture is concerned with the end times. It is the belief that the believers, both living and dead will rise up to heaven with Jesus Christ on his return.  The term is not directly mentioned in the new testament but comes from the book. Belief in the rapture depicts the belief in the second … Read more

21 Amazing Bible Verses About Equality | Everyone Is Equal |

bible verses about equality

We are all made in the image of God and all of us are children of God. We are all equal in the eyes of God and therefore we should treat each other equally. These bible verses about equality will help you know more about it.  The bible says, Love your neighbours as you love … Read more

21 bible verses about plagues in the last days (2020)

bible verses about plagues in the last days

The book of Revelation and many other books have bible verses about plagues in the last days.  The book of Revelation is all about the end times and people are starting to relate to it after all the things that are happening in 2020. The year has been challenging and the events are likely with … Read more

30 bible verses about racism and how is it against the words of God |

bible verses about racism

We all are made in the image of God, so who are we to judge others who are more like us than they are different. Some of the bible verses clearly state how racism and any sort of discrimination are offensive to God. In this post we will see some bible verses about racism and … Read more

40 Bible Verses About Love Of God | You Abide Love, You Abide God

bible verses about love

Faith can move mountains and love can move spirits. God is love, so when you abide love, you abide God. According to the dictionary, Love has complex meanings like; an intense feeling of deep affection. But, According to the bible, love has a simple meaning, that God is love. We read a lot of love … Read more

40 Bible Verses About Encouragement | Strengthen Your Faith |

bible verses about encouragement

Life is filled with ups and downs and a lot of people lose hope and fall apart during the dull phases of life. But, having faith and looking for strength and encouragement in the bible will help you get through all of the pain. When you are faithful and thankful in the tough times as … Read more

45 Powerful Bible Verses About Healing | Claim with faith |

bible verses about healing

Everyone comes across a phase in their life where they lose hope and start giving up. But, this is the time you should listen to god’s words and read bible verses about healing.  These bible verses about healing will give your strength and will help you pass that dull phase of your life. Bible has … Read more

40 Bible Verses About Faith That Will Help You In Hard Times(kjv)

“The Bible has a solution for every situation, just have faith” There are around 31,102 bible verses, and each one of them is meaningful. I have listed 40 Bible verses about faith, Something that has the highest significance in Christianity is faith.  According to the dictionary, faith means complete trust and confidence in religious beliefs. And, according … Read more